🎓 Graduation 2019 🎓

By Lauren Canavan On June 24, the senior class marched down the red carpet in front of family, friends, alum, and administrators. The Class of 2019’s Valedictorian was Katie Taylor, and the Salutatorian was Kevin Li.  “President Kennedy praised public education as the “means of developing our greatest abilities” but in each of us there... Continue Reading →

99th Anniversary of the 19th Amendment

By Eleanor Greenbaum & Lauren Canavan On June 4, 1920, the U.S. Congress ratified the 19th amendment which gave women the right to vote. With the 99th anniversary of this monumental addition to the United States constitution passing just days go, we are reminded of the persistence, bravery, and integrity that women before us had.... Continue Reading →

Coffee House Part 2 (video)

By Kyle Chouinard Tri-M members put their second Coffee House of the year and it was amazingly successful. Members of the community enjoyed a fun night with live music, student art exhibitions, and refreshments. 10% of the funds from the event will be donated Guitars Not Guns, a nonprofit charity providing guitars and lessons to... Continue Reading →

75th Anniversary of D-Day

By Nitin Seshadri 75 years ago, on June 6, 1944, during World War II, more than 160,000 Allied troops stormed onto a 50-mile stretch of the beaches of Normandy, France: home to the Nazis’ defensive West Wall full of artillery, mines, and other weapons. Designed to drive the Nazis out of France, a mission of... Continue Reading →

Teacher’s Got Talent?

By Robin Masterson On Friday, March 31st, Somers High School held its first teacher talent show. The event was organized and run by the Class Board of 2020 and hosted by junior Nick Pappas. The judges were juniors Dom Cheek, Charlie Balancia, Charlie Grinrod, and senior Emily Calloway with special guest judge Mrs. Kearns, an... Continue Reading →

Spring Bands Concert (videos!)

By Lauren Canavan The Symphony Band and the Jazz Ensemble performed for an audience at their spring concert last Wednesday (videos below). Thursday, after school, members of each group took a trip up to Lake George to perform their concert pieces at the "Trills and Thrills" Music Festival. The Symphony Band received an excellent rating... Continue Reading →

Special Olympics Basketball Tournament

By Julia Vitale & Juliana Clement On May 15, Somers High School teamed up with Special Olympics to play in a unified basketball tournament. The event was a double elimination tournament, and players included unified athletes and unified partners (SHS Varsity Athletes). Unified basketball tournaments are quite common among hundreds of schools around the country... Continue Reading →

Field Day!

By Kyle Chouinard A review of Field Day 2019 feels a little pointless. Presumably, everyone reading this around the time of publication was at the event. You know how it went. You already formed your opinion on how it went. So, I felt it would be more interesting to you, valued audience member, if I... Continue Reading →

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